Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Buddhas, balancing boulders and blogging

I am notoriously slow up the uptake of things, so slow usually that I like to think that I make whatever the 'thing' is cool on its retro time around. Howorthians will foldly recall the example of The Hoff, prior to his eating-a-burger-off-the-floor days of course.

And again another example. It appears that rather than spending my money on beers on this trip, it will be blogging. As a fairly private (?!) person, I've eschewed blogging as an outlet for showoffs or know-it-alls. But now that I've been forced by the Burmese government to take up blogging so I can keep my mum informed of where I am (no Optus roaming; no mobile phones; no gmail, hotmail, Yahoo or any other free web-based email), I'm embracing this blogging bag like any good PR that likes the sound of her own voice.

So, mum, tomorrow morning I leave Yangon for Bago, which is about 80 kms north. There is a a reclining buddha there that is 55 metres long, and reports that another (very ancient) one of more than 70 meters has just been finished. Or at least if my calculations that my trusty Lonely Planet is at least two years old are correct.

From their I'll take the bus to spend the night at Kinpun (potentially the Sea Star Guest House), a few hours down the road. This means I can get up with the crows to see the Golden Rock at Kyaiktiyo, a boulder that is apparently precariously balanced on the side of a cliff. The Burmese like this 'hair of Buddha' game, and they say that the thing that is keeping the boulder from tumbling down the side of the cliffside, is another of his hair's, encased in a little stupa on top of the rock.

From Kyaiktiyo, I intend on catching the bus to Kapaw. It's an 18 or 12 hour ride depending on what you read / who you listen to, so I'll be getting value for my ticket money. I'm hoping there is Internet in Kapaw as apparently it's a backpacker dropoff for trekking in the area. That's what I intend to do too, for a couple of days, and from their I'll probably head to Inlay Lake. But I'm hoping you'll hear from me by then.

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Katie Peters said...

Hello my darling! So glad to hear you are doing well. I wasnt sure when you were leaving and tried to give you a call and text. i figured you'd gone when I didn't get a response. Wanted to catch you before you left! All well here - Simon and I think we found a house today near (s)Notting Hill and move in on the 1st July (if we manage to sort it out - take 2!). And there is a pull out couch just for you (and Richie if he comes too). Keep posting - love to see what you are up to! Love Katie (and Simon) xxxxxx